3 Simple and Effective Mood Boosters

by Laura Cain

Mood Boosters

No matter how happy and positive you may usually be, we all have times when we could use some mood boosters.

Whether you are just feeling kind of blah (hello, still feeling the winter blues in April) or bored from being home and inside way more than you are used to, or just down for whatever reason, if you are searching for mood boosters, here are three of the most simple and effective ways I’ve found that can boost your mood quickly.

My Three Favorite Mood Boosters

1 – Get Moving

Move your body. Any way. Get your heart pumping. This could be an actual workout (always good to do at least a few times a week for so many reasons, but that’s another topic!), going for a walk, or dancing around your living room. Even doing housework. Just moving.

 2 – Get Dressed

I’m all for the occasional hang around in your pajamas or sweats all day when it feels relaxing and kind of like a luxury to be able to do that. But when it’s every day, not so much. Even if you aren’t going anywhere, get dressed, at least most of the time. This doesn’t have to be a big effort – most days when I’m at home, this means jeans and a T-shirt. And always jewelry and perfume. (That’s me, but maybe it’s  not your thing!) Makeup even, if you want. You may be surprised at how much it can really affect how you feel.

3 – Get Laughing

Laugh. Or sing. Or for some people, alternatively it could mean crying instead. Watch a funny video, play your favorite song that pumps you up, and sing along. Or that stupid sentimental commercial or movie that always.makes.you.cry. If your mood is just blah or down, just getting feelings going can be what you need.

There you go. What are some of your favorite mood boosters?

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