Meet Laura

by Laura
Laura Cain
Laura Cain

Hi! I'm Laura

I’m passionate in the belief that we, each and every one of us, can and should be living the life we want. Meaning what we really want, not settling for less or playing small with some watered-down version of it. My mission is to help women like you to create a lifestyle you truly love, by providing inspiration and guidance and teaching you what I’ve learned. I’m striving each day to live these beliefs myself, so I’ll also be sharing what I am doing and loving, and be your cheerleader to do the same!

How I got here…..

After many years, I found myself no longer happy in my corporate job – over-stressed and pretty miserable, actually. Recognizing that life is too short to go on like that, I ditched my long term corporate job to follow more passion-filled pursuits. A little scary, yes, but best decision I ever made! Now I get to live a lifestyle I truly enjoy, which includes travelling a lot (which I love!), spending more time with family and friends, and working for myself wherever I want and in a way that feels more true to me and meaningful and joyful. …Maybe you love your job but there are other areas of your life where you aren’t being true to yourself or are unhappy. …..Maybe you feel you can’t make this big a change, but there is always more in your control than you think. I’m sure of it!


Be Bold.

Be Joyful.

Be You.

Live Your Damn Life.

Laura Cain

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