Being Brave Comes in Many Forms

by Laura Cain

being brave


Bravery, being brave, is most often readily associated with people such as first responders, military, doctors, and nurses…or heroic situations and dealings with life and death. Of course and rightly so.

Bravery, being brave, comes in many more forms, some loud, some very quiet.

Taking a potentially scary leap forward. Making a change.

Trying something new that you are fearful of. Even if it’s something most people would not be afraid of.

Moving into the unknown. Taking a risk.

Pushing yourself just a little harder to make progress, when it hurts and you want to give up.

Standing up for yourself, or someone else, or staying in integrity.

When it would be considered easier not to. When there may be a cost. Or when no one would know if you did or not. But even when that’s not the case. Just doing it.

Showing kindness to a stranger who seems to need it. When you don’t know what the response will be.

Being true to yourself, in what you want, and how you live your life. 

Starting something new that excites you but also scares you a little. When others may not understand.

Changing and growing, in a way that may make you seem too different from how other people see you or think you are.

Quitting the thing that’s not working for you. When you don’t know what will be next.

Sometimes just getting up in the morning when you’re not sure if you can.

Moving on in the face of illness, or grief, and loss. Helping others to do so.

Facing a difficult challenge, physically, mentally, emotionally. When you think you may fail but doing it anyway.

Choosing faith over fear.

Everyday bravery. Not as easy to spot. May never be seen by someone else. People fighting brave fights. All around us. And in you.

Be proud of yourself. And be brave.

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