Embrace What Makes You Unique

by Laura Cain

what makes you unique


I have a rose gold laptop. And a matching rose gold mouse and keyboard. My screen background is purple, with wallpaper a smiling picture of my beautiful baby niece. Why am I telling you this? To let you know that you can, and should, embrace what makes you unique. And makes you happy.

Here are some more.

All my luggage is pink or rose gold. Desk accessories….pen and paper holders, post-its…..are pink. The case for my Kindle is sparkly pink, as is my cell phone case. Pens are all colors of ink, red, pink, purple, and green. Red Keurig. Pink dumbbells. 

I pick out scents I like when I buy dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, body lotion, and deodorant.

These are all ways that are easy and fun to embrace what you like and what makes you unique.

Do these work any better than if they were in the basic “normal” colors of black, white, or silver, or generic scents or unscented? No, of course not. But do they cost any more? Also no. And do they give me a bit more joy every time I use them? 100%, yes.

Is it all about having everything all pink and purple and sparkly? Of course not. Much of my wardrobe is black, which I love, the walls of my house are white and the tiles and carpet a light neutral, because I love that it feels open and airy, and anything goes with it. And paper towels and the like are usually just white because I don’t really care.

Maybe you painted the walls of your rooms different colors, and caring about the scent of deodorant sounds silly to you. But even for functional everyday items, if you have the choice to get something in a pretty color, that would make you happy or seem cool to you every time you use it…why wouldn’t you?

So I sit here smiling as I type on my sparkly rose gold and black keyboard, and ask you…

What’s your rose gold laptop?

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