Galentines Day – 6 Ways You Can Celebrate

by Laura

galentines day


Everyone knows about Valentine’s Day, but have you heard of Galentines Day? This is a great holiday, that takes place on February 13th, and is all about celebrating your female friendships. How cool is that?

So however you feel about Valentine’s Day, this is a day we can all get behind!

Now that you know what and when Galentines Day is, how do you go about celebrating it?


Here are six ideas for ways to do just that.

Make a Food Date

Make a food date with your girls. It could be brunch, dinner at a restaurant, going to a wine and cheese tasting or having dinner at home. Or a drink date – cocktails at a fancy hotel, or bar hopping at your favorite places.

Pamper Yourselves

Give yourselves some well-deserved pampering. Have a spa day, or get your nails done.
Even a shopping day (retail therapy)! As long as you are doing something that makes you feel good.

Have a Sleepover

Make it a movie night, complete with popcorn. Have a game night. Make cookies.
Whatever you do, pajamas and lots of snacks are required.

Do a Fun Activity

Take a painting class or a cooking class or an exercise class. Visit a karaoke bar. Go for a hike or play miniature golf.

Plan a Getaway

If you’re feeling more adventurous, then how about taking a trip somewhere?  Make it a weekend away, or a day road trip. Or do a “staycation” at a fancy local hotel.

Virtual Celebrations

If your girls aren’t in the same town as you, then you can go virtual. Have a Zoom call with cocktails. Send them a gift card, flowers, or even just a greeting card.


Whatever you decide to do, whether it’s something big or small, make sure you let your girls know how much you appreciate them (because you do!) and celebrate them this Galentines Day.

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