How to Extend Those Summer Vacation Vibes a Little Longer

by Laura Cain

Summer Vacation Vibes


Even if it’s been many years since we’ve been in school with an actual summer break, most of us still equate summer with vacation, and a different, more fun, and easy-going vibe. And we see September as back-to-school time, the end of summer vacation. And those summer vacation vibes.

So while summer isn’t officially over per the calendar for a couple more weeks, as soon as kids go back to school, and August is over, it feels like summer is finished.

But it doesn’t have to just abruptly end there.

Here are some ideas for how to extend that feeling of summer vacation vibes just a little longer.

Get outside.

It’s still warm enough in most places for outdoor activities. Hell, here in Arizona it’s still more than plenty warm – no sign of the end of summer in sight by the temperatures…but I digress…

Do something outdoors, play, take a walk, anything you like to do. You may not be able to do some things, like swim, but there are plenty of others you can still do. “Back to school” time doesn’t have to mean being stuck indoors all the time.

Plan fun things on the weekend.

One of the best ways to keep that summer vacation feeling going is to have things to look forward to. We plan lots of weekend activities in the summer. So keep doing that. Bonus points if they are plans for the types of things that you might typically only do or associate with the summer. Some ideas:

  • Take a road trip.
  • Watch a movie or listen to music that reminds you of summer.
  • Go to an amusement park.
  • Go to the beach, lake or camping. (even if you are a little more bundled up!)

Eat healthy AND fun foods.

We tend to associate summer with more health and activity (and maybe wanting to look good in that bathing suit plays a part, not lying!). That includes more salad, more fruit, etc.

It also means more “fun” foods: ice cream, anyone? So don’t just stop that, keep incorporating both for more of that summer vacation feeling.

I hope you try these ideas and find them helpful. I’d love to know, what else would you add?

To more of those summer vacation vibes!

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