Make Every Day Like Your Favorite Day

by Laura Cain

Laura Cain - favorite day


I’m writing this on a Monday.  Typically most people’s least favorite day.

I know, my favorite day has been Friday for a long time (and Monday for sure was my least!).

When I was working my corporate job, that meant the end of the workweek (mostly!), the start of the weekend, and maybe even leaving the office early, or go to a happy hour.

Even though that’s no longer the case for me, it’s still my favorite day. I still have that same feeling, like it’s special. That’s usually the day I’m most likely to treat myself by hanging out at Starbucks with a big specialty drink and maybe a breakfast sandwich. Or get something out to eat for dinner.

Why limit the feelings of your favorite day to one day a week?

Why can’t we make every day feel a little more special, a little more like your “favorite” day of the week? Especially, say…..Monday? It wouldn’t really be that hard, would it? I don’t think so.

A lot of it comes from our attitude.

And that’s something we can choose, to a large extent. Choosing to wake up feeling more excited and joyful about the day to come can make a big difference. But even if your attitude is more a “case of the Mondays” (to quote Office Space) that you can’t shake quite so easily, you can actively and consciously do other things that can help.

Plan something special or fun for that day.

Go out to lunch, get a manicure, bring some flowers into the office. It doesn’t have to be anything big.  Anything that brings the feeling from your “favorite” day will work.

Even if that day for you is Saturday, because you get to sleep in and don’t go to work….. OK, you can’t do exactly that on another day during the week.

What else could give you some of that feeling of that day?

Maybe just don’t schedule any meetings for first thing in the morning, so it’s a little more of your own, and pick up a great coffee on the way in. Play some really upbeat music while you are getting dressed, and in the car. Even just planning to write down five things you are grateful for each evening, makes you look for those things during the day.

Life is short, every day counts.

Make each one as special as you can, in big and little ways, and they can all feel a bit more like your favorite day.


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