Ask Yourself What Do You Want More

by Laura

Laura Cain - What Do You Want More

What do you want more? You need to ask yourself.

Since I started thinking about this, it’s a question I ask myself often.

It’s too easy to fall into the trap, or comfort zone, of what you want right now, or short-term, vs. what you really want, or long-term.

To make your choices more consciously,  ask yourself what do you want more.

Sometimes, it’s making the slightly more uncomfortable choice in the now, instead of the easy choice. Often it is.

Many times you don’t even realize that you are making a choice. But you are. And that’s where it can bite you.

Think about it.

Do you want to skip your workout one day, two days, again…..or have a fit healthy body to do all the things you want?

Do you want that hamburger and fries, and ice cream, and one more drink……or to drop the pounds or stay at a weight that you feel good at?

Do you want to Netflix and chill every night, night after night…..or do you want to get out and have more experiences and make memories you can enjoy now and look back on?

Do you want to say no to getting together with a friend because you are tired…..or do you want to build lasting meaningful friendships?

You get it. Just a few examples.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with doing some of these things occasionally (I enjoy my French fries and Netflix nights, and as an introvert, time alone is a requirement too !), and so sometimes, yes, that is the thing you want more for today…..but it’s a slippery slope to where it becomes what you do day in day out, too many times because it’s comfortable. And that’s how it can sneak up on you. Because again, you aren’t choosing between a really “bad” thing and a “good” thing. So do you even realize you are making a choice? This time. The next time.

Make your choices consciously, intentionally. And watch out for getting too “comfortable” where you might regret the overall outcome when you look back. Don’t let the time go by unconsciously.

Is this what you really want.

What do you want more?

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