But What if You Could Have That Dream?

by Laura Cain

what if you could

We all have dreams and goals. Things we want to do with our lives….big, small, meaningful, and fun. Whatever you dream of doing, it matters, it’s important to you. Yet, have you ever noticed how often we don’t really believe we can have these things? But what if you could?

Here’s the thing.

We aren’t given dreams that are not ours to have. I truly believe this. So if there’s something that you dream of and really want, you can have it.

And if you don’t have it now…you need to think about what it is that’s stopping you. While there can be, and often are, circumstances that are hindering us…usually the biggest thing stopping us is us. Ourselves. And the belief that we can’t have the thing that we want.

But what if you could?

So one thing to ask yourself to help get yourself past that is…hat if you could have that thing, that dream, that goal?

And if you believed that you could, what would you be doing to get it?

That’s really the biggest first step. We have to believe, truly believe that we can have it if we really want it. And then start acting as though we believe it. Start doing the things that will take us closer to that goal, that dream, instead of standing still, or worse, moving further away from it.

Yes, it may take time, and yes, there may be things you need to figure out. But most of the time…we do know what to do, and it will probably take less time than we think. We just have to believe that we can. And then go do it.

So what’s your dream? And what if you could have it? And what do you need to be doing right now to start getting it?

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