You and Your Journey Are Uniquely You

by Laura Cain

uniquely you


Everything about you is uniquely you. This is such an important and awesome thing that each of us needs to really understand. And I don’t think we always do.

You are unique. And so is your journey, be that in health and fitness (one of the main areas where we often compare to others), or life itself. That’s really important to remember. No two people are the same, so don’t compare yourself and your journey to someone else’s – especially if it might cause you to doubt yourself!

You need to consider what you like and what works for you, that makes you uniquely you.

There is no total cookie-cutter series of steps of, “do these things exactly this way and they are guaranteed to work exactly the same for everyone.” Now that said, there are things – call them rules, principles, guidelines – that can give you a starting point and assistance.  Because they do generally apply, pretty much most of the time in some way. You know, things like “calories in and calories out” for example, or certain skills or knowledge that are needed to accomplish a task.

But most things in life fall into more of an 80/20 rule.

Generally, they are true. So take them to heart and consider them. But they may not work exactly the same way for everyone. 

Take the health and fitness example, and workouts.

You may just hate a certain type of workout. While it may be the perfect thing for one person, and even really effective, if you don’t like it, guess what? You aren’t going to do it, or at least not give it your all.

That would be me with running. I know it can get great results, lean you out, etc., but I hate it! So it’s just not something that “works” for me. Because as much as I’ve tried, I just don’t stick with it. And it’s not the only thing that will work to achieve those goals (otherwise, I might just say suck it up and do it!). 

Or for some people, being given an exact definition of steps for what to do and what to follow (e.g. workout, meal plan), so there is no guesswork, is the best. While others like to have a general plan that they can adapt because their schedule or whatever needs something more flexible. Some people prefer to work out in the morning and do better than, some at night. You get the idea.

Health and fitness provide easy examples for people to relate to, but this same idea applies to pretty much every area.

Career, relationships, even hobbies, and how you spend your time.

Maybe you received a lot of formal education that led you to a corporate job.

Or maybe it’s all been OJT and figuring it out yourself.

You might like working for yourself or hate being the boss.

Maybe you’d hate working in an office, or love it.

You could have changed paths several times.

Maybe you love adventurous vacations or are happiest at home, staying in with friends.

Or maybe you’re still figuring it out all or you’ve known the path you wanted to take forever. 

None of these are right or wrong. It’s what’s right or wrong for you at any given time, and what makes you uniquely you.

So, listen to all of the advice, and suggestions – and the reasons for them, as well as whether it’s from a good source (something they have experience in?).  Take it all in, but then apply it the best to fit for you and what will work for you. Because you know you best, and trust that. Modify as needed, or throw away what just doesn’t work for you at all!

Don’t compare yourself to others. We all come from different places and experiences, likes and dislikes, personalities, and no person’s journey is the same. Let other people’s success stories motivate you and inspire you.

But then you do you, the best you can! And don’t worry about the rest!


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