5 Ways to Be Happier Right Now

by Laura

Ways To Be Happier


Who couldn’t use some ways to be happier when you aren’t feeling it?

I know when I’ve been feeling a bit down, I look for ways to lift my mood. And the quicker the better!

So if you need some ideas for ways to be happier right now, I’ve got you covered!

Here are five simple ways to be happier that you can do whenever you need them.

Plus extra ways to pump up that happiness volume even more.


I know you’ve heard of the benefits of exercise to your mood…..the reason we hear that so much is it’s true! Exercise can be an immediate mood lifter, just getting your sweat on. But it doesn’t have to be an actual “workout”. Just move your body. This can be as simple as going for a walk.

Happiest: Do it outside. Going for a walk outside is always one of the best things I’ve found.


Speaking of which…. Just getting outside, fresh air, nature, can raise your spirit on its own, whether you are doing something active, going for a drive, or just sitting and relaxing.

Happiest: Go someplace “pretty” and enjoy the view, a park, a beach, a garden.


Put on your favorite upbeat song and blast it. You know you have some favorites that immediately make you feel good every time you hear them. Whether it’s the nostalgia of where you first heard it, fun time with friends, or just awesome lyrics or beat.

Happiest: Get your groove on and dance, or sing along at the top of your lungs, or both!


Watch a video or your favorite sitcom episode that always makes you burst out laughing. Or call your funniest friend.

Happiest: Get together with that friend, and watch a funny movie together.


Get out those photo albums or the photo gallery on your phone. Seeing pictures of friends and family, favorite places, and reliving good memories is a great way to raise your happiness level.

Happiest: Make these photos of a great vacation you took. And plan your next one!

Use these ideas any time you are looking for ways to be happier quickly and watch what happens.

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