You Know You’re Just Not Feeling As Good As You Could Be

You take care of yourself….mostly (or at least you have).




You don’t have terribly unhealthy habits, but they could be better.


You’re even sort of angry at yourself that you’ve let things go a bit, and just feel kind of blah and not your best.


Not really unhappy but just not that happy with yourself overall.


And you know if you just took a little better care of yourself, you’d feel better.


And you know you should.


But you’re busy…


And it feels like such a big challenge, and would take too much time, so don’t do anything, and feel worse about that, too.


I know, I get it. I’ve been there.


But I also know that you can take steps to improving your health and happiness, and shifts in feeling good about yourself and start seeing a difference without having to make huge changes.




COMMITTED: 30 Days To Becoming A Happier, Healthier You

30 Days of FOCUS on taking better care of yourself. By committing to taking one SIMPLE action each day for 30 days, it will make a HUGE difference in your health and happiness. Just by adding small acts of self-care, one at a time. If you COMMIT to following it for 30 days, by building habits that you can stick with long after these 30 days.

You DESERVE and NEED to feel good, and to be your best, happiest and healthiest self. And this program will give you easy and powerful ways to shift into that.


I get it...

We get busy and let little things slide.  We stop some of the good habits we’ve had, and maybe even pick up some bad little ones. It’s just easier. And one little thing doesn’t make that big a difference. But they start to add up. And it sneaks up on you, until you realize you aren’t really feeling like your best self. Not that bad, but not that good.


But you’re busy. And you think you don’t have time for self-care, but really, you don’t have time NOT to take care of yourself. This is especially important when you are that busy – that’s when you need it even more!


Taking small, simple actions, like the ones I’m going to give you in this program – and doing them more consistently – has made such a huge difference in how I feel, and it can do the same for you. 



If I can do this, I know you can do this too, and I want that for you. IMAGINE how much happier and healthier you could feel if you COMMIT to taking better care of yourself just by adding small acts of self-care each day.

what's included

  • An email each day for the next 30 days, containing different topics around becoming more happy and healthy. With guidance on good practices for self-care and an action for you to take in that area.
  • Plus LIFETIME ACCESS to all the content on a membership site.



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