Journal Your Way To Joy


I see you.


Life is busy.


Your job is demanding, your family or other relationships need your time.


You’re super-productive, focused on all the right things to be successful. 


But you find yourself feeling in a rut.


It seems like you don’t have much time at all for yourself, and you are feeling burnt out, stressed and like you are running on autopilot. And just always a little less happy than you’d like to be.


And feeling as though there’s no way out of this routine.


You want a way for things to change, you are just frustrated as to how to make it happen.




You have more power over your happiness than you realize


Journal Your Way To Joy

A 21 Day Challenge to spend just 10 minutes a day devoted to INTENTIONALLY turning up the happiness dial to make a massive difference in EVERYTHING in your life – everything from your job performance to your relationships. Taking time to focus on creating your own JOY is LIFE-CHANGING, and one of the greatest GIFTS you can give yourself. Happiness can be a choice. And this program will show you how to do that; how to make that choice for yourself.

Journal Your Way To Joy
Laura Cain

I get it...

We may mostly enjoy what we are doing, but still have days or moments where we feel kind of sucky and down, or just that life isn’t all that exciting and fulfulling. And it’s easy to just let those feelings linger and like you can’t do anything about them.


But by using practices like what I’m going to show you in this program – and making it more of a habit to check in on my feelings regularly, or really any time feelings like that pop up – I’m able to shift my mood to be more joyful almost instantly. 


And I want you to be able to do that too.  IMAGINE how much happier you’d be and how much less stressed you’d feel if you spent 10 minutes a day CHOOSING to be happier.

what's included

  • Immediately upon signing up, you’ll receive a “how to” introduction on doing journalling and mindset work like this. These are tips I’ve found super helpful and know you will too, especially if doing this type of thing is new to you!
    • Why do journalling and mindset work? Because it’s such a powerful way to address fears and limiting beliefs, and to help you to more easily shift into happiness and take action towards your dreams. Once you start doing it, you’ll see just what it can do for you and what it helps make possible for you to achieve.
  • An email each day for the next 21 days, containing an idea/topic around becoming more joyful and happy, such as: specific areas where you might be feeling down or stressed or stuck, or just looking to feel more happiness, what types of things can make you feel more joyful, or something more general that can help you overall in your happiness. And 2 journalling prompts on that topic to help you explore this idea for yourself, as it relates to YOU.
  •  Plus LIFETIME ACCESS to all the content on a membership site.



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